Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar is located in the heart of the Catalan coast, ashore the Mediterranean, only 40km away from Barcelona. It enjoys a maritime Mediterranean climate with mild, humid winters and warm to hot summers, around 22-27ºC, cooled by sea breezes. The gentle climate throughout the year allows locals and tourists to practice all types of sports and activities in the open air from January to December.

The wind in the central Catalan Mediterranean coast is usually generated thermally and comes in around 12 at noon from the south east up to mostly force 3 and even force 4. The clouds may prevent the thermal winds from kicking in, then, the wind from the east may come in.

The town of Arenys de Mar, located in the coast of the Mediterranean, is a lively village with several shops, restaurants and quiet beach bars that lightens up in summer with plenty of things to do. In the town of Arenys one can go historical sightseeing, take a hike in the mountain nearby, the Montnegre, bike along the coast, and go out sailing, kayaking or with stand up paddle. There is plenty to do for sailors and non-sailors.