O’pen BIC World Championships 2018 – Arenys de Mar, Spain

The sailors were ready to go if the wind ever showed, and their patience eventually paid off, with enough “wind” rustling the sails to finally complete one race in each category, U13 and U17, befo...

It was not to be

Another sun-blasted day here in Arenys, the thermometer well over 30*C, and everyone looking for shade as much as any sign of wind.

O'pen BIC World Championships 2018 Day 3

Another total blank here on the Costa Brava. The sailors were as ready for action as ever, but the wind wasn't up to the task.

Open Bic World Championships: Day 2

Very hot and windless conditions here on the Costa Brava for the first days of the O’pen Bic World Championships.

We’re off!

A lot of smiling faces in Arenys de Mar, Spain as the Open Bic World Championships come to a start.

Just a couple days to go!

Social program, Sailing Instructions and a special equipment offer – more updates before we meet in Arenys de Mar.

Are you ready for the O’pen Bic Worlds in Arenys de Mar?

Parking, Equipment inspection and registration requirements – be sure you are prepared for the Open Bic World Championships.