Open Bic World Championships: Day 2

Very hot and windless conditions here on the Costa Brava for the first days of the O’pen Bic World Championships.


All the sailors were ready for a start at 14hrs, sailing being a welcome change after spending the previous day sitting on the beach as the very light/non-existent winds made any proper racing impossible.

Today, although it was still very light, the race committee managed to get one race in for the Under 17s. One race was launched for the U13s (under 13years old), but it was abandoned because of the lack of wind. 

The forecast is for more hot, dry weather on the Costa Brava (the Wild Coast), so we’ll be hoping for some more lively conditions over the coming days.
The competition finishes on Saturday, so there are still a few days to go. Fingers crossed !

Meanwhile we got a chance to talk to the French head coach, Bernard Helot, who is a real O’Pen Bic veteran. “I’ve been to six championships, sometimes there was more wind then here” – he said laughing. “It is always a fun experience, I created the class in France a couple of years ago and this year we are over 50 sailor here in Arenys de Mar. It is the biggest French participation in O’pen Bic history and we’re doing well. I’m proud of my sailors, who have made such a good result in the EuroChallenge and I hope they continue to do well at the Worlds.” 
Tomorrow the skippers meeting is at 10:00 and first possible warning signal at 12:00

Results of the only U17 race run today - 

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